Latest News- April 2019

Barlborough against Fracking has its NEXT MEETING on Wednesday 17th April 2019-  updates from Harthill (Debs Gibson) where drilling is threatened very soon and a speaker from Misson Springs, near Bawtry, where drilling is actually happening. The ‘preliminary’ drill has just been completed, the rig taken away but the ‘protectors’ suspect that they will just move the rig to a close site nearby where they plan to carry out the horizontal fracking process- with all the extra problems such as tremors, underground explosions, use of highly toxic chemicals, massive misuse of our valuable fresh water supplies, no idea how to process the toxic backflow?!

There is no public meeting planned for May in Barlborough- we intend to support meetings at Bolsover (believe their next is Tuesday 18th June at Oxcroft) and Eckington. More details when checked to follow.

Please support the day of awareness/ action at Misson Springs- Monday 22nd April.